Standup Displays

5A theatrical standee is a large self-standing display promoting a character, movie, product or event. The customization potential is limitless. Standee’s may range from large self-standing posters to three-dimensional devices with moving parts and lights. Standees are typically displayed in theater lobbies or music stores prior to film or music releases. While standees have previously been available only in large quantities, recent advances in digital photography and print-on-demand technology have made them widely available to the public in smaller quantity runs. Several companies now offer these items as party decorations, gifts and promotions. Standees can now be purchased as a one-off custom product, bringing them to the average consumer as well as to large corporations and venues.


  • Standup Display with cardboard bottom
  • Standup Display with aluminum holder
  • Cylinder
  • Rectangular Box
  • Cube
  • Cone Standup
  • Cone with Flat Top
  • Square Pyramid
  • Square Pyramid with Flat Top
  • Triangular Pyramid Standup
  • Pentagonal Pyramid
  • Standee